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Beneficiary Charities

We are delighted to announce the two beneficiary charities from Ambition 2018

15 Years of Rubber Cheese

2018’s £15k fundraising challenge in aid of the Tamba Bereavement Support Group

Ambition 2018 is very proud to support a Hertfordshire company’s endeavour to raise money to help a charity close to its heart, the Tamba Bereavement Support Group.

Tamba is the Twins And Multiple Births Association. It was set up to support the parents of twins, triplets and even quads. Sadly, however, it is all too common for parents of multiple births to suffer a bereavement - on average, one baby from a multiple birth dies every day, whether it’s as the result of a miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death.

Last year, Kelly Molson, MD of Rubber Cheese, had to deal with the prenatal death of twin daughters conceived by IVF -  Lily May was born at 17 weeks and Ava at 18 weeks. She writes very openly and movingly about her experiences on her More to life than cheese blog.

Kelly receives a lot of valuable support from the Tamba Bereavement Support Group which is why she has set her Sawbridgeworth company the ambitious fundraising target of £15k in 2018 to mark Rubber Cheese’s 15th anniversary. The Rubber Cheese team are doing a lot of cheese-based challenges throughout the year, including the ‘Fastest time to eat a can of Cheddar Cheese Pringles’ (5 minutes 41 seconds) and a 15-hour Danceathon. If you would like to help them meet their target, book your place at Ambition 2018 and 50% of your ticket price will help them towards their target.

You can also donate directly via the 15 Years of Rubber Cheese page on

Learn more about Tamba here

Twitter: @tamba_twins_mb

The Muscle Help Foundation (MHF) is a small (1.5 heads), multi award-winning charity rooted in family values. MHF changes lives and gives hope through amazing, highly personalised, transformational experiences in the UK called Muscle Dreams for children and young people (8-28yrs) with the muscle wasting disease muscular dystrophy and allied neuromuscular conditions.

Can you help move the charity a little closer to its goal of delivering 657 Muscle Dreams, that’s 1 for every muscle in the human body? On average, MHF aims to fulfil between 25 to 30 per year. The cost of a unique Muscle Dream is approximately £1500.00 and as of May 2018, the charity will have delivered 268, leaving 389 to go, so not quite half-way yet!

Check out MHF’s fab fundraising ideas including their ‘Reach for the Skies’ pack and discover why the #powerof657 is so important. And see the difference you can make by joining the likes of Lorraine Kelly (a Patron) in becoming part of the charity’s nationwide Muscle Warrior tribal movement.

Tragically over the past 16 months, MHF has lost 7 beneficiaries, 4 of whom were under the age of 18yrs. More nominations from across the UK have meant that MHF’s Muscle Dream wait-list stands at 87 (as of May ‘18). Despite extremely limited resources, MHF remains singularly focused on its mission but it desperately needs help and support. The charity’s growing impact is being felt by beneficiaries and their families across the country; from improved confidence, greater self-esteem, and an increased sense of hopefulness to a powerful shared identity that connects families, giving a platform to share knowledge, memories and establish lasting friendships.

Donations can be made via the charity’s online Golden Giving page and we would also encourage you to see how your money helps and the difference your support from this year’s Ambition 2018 will hopefully have for future beneficiaries – thank you.

LinkedIn: help-foundation/

Porsche Muscle Dreams: CLASS OF 2018

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