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6 Reasons why your company should support a local charity

why your company should support a local charity

In addition to helping others or your local community, supporting a charity can also help your company in a number ways. Here are 6 reasons why your company should support a charity.


Customers notice organisations that are being socially responsible, and they reward them with their loyalty and custom. Particularly if they can relate to the cause that you are supporting.

With time, people start to associate the company name to the charity and the cause. If individuals also support the cause, they are more likely to reward your company with their custom and loyalty.

Seeing that your company is actively supporting a cause shows that both the organisation and their leadership are dedicated to causes outside of their own.

Your organisation will benefit from the media coverage, positive brand association, promotion and social media exposure; all of which can lead to an increase in your business’ bottom line.

Team building

All successful companies, large or small, rely on strong relationships in the workplace. There are few better ways of achieving these strong relationships than by bonding over a charitable cause, sponsored by your employer.

Having your teams get together in a new environment, for a common cause, is an excellent way to bond, especially for employees who wouldn’t normally work together.

The result – improved relationships, better communications, stronger team work, a positive outlook on life, all of which transfer to the workplace. Team building days don’t always have to be “corporate”, they can be quite the opposite, such as Teens Unite’s It’s a Knockout Family Fun Day.


We all know the famous saying ‘It’s not what you know, but who you know’. Supporting a charity will open many doors; it is a great opportunity to form relationships with new people from all backgrounds. Not only would you participate in activities in your local area engaging with the community, you will also join a network of like-minded businesses that meet regularly for a common cause.

Maybe it’s worth signing up to Teens Unite’s charity Golf Day?

Boost Employee morale

It is likely that most people have thought about ways they can give back to the community. However, not everyone can find the time in their busy schedule, or they might be hesitant to start a fundraising activity on their own.

Taking part in sponsored activities, fully supported by your employer, presents an opportunity to give back to the community while balancing a busy work and family life. Working with teens Unite gives your staff an opportunity to donate their time, skills or raise money through a whole range of events.

In addition, this will help in meeting your own corporate social responsibility. When choosing a charity to support it is also worth involving your employees, if they relate to the cause, it will certainly empower them.

Recruiting and retaining talent

Potential employees will be motivated to work for a company that can actively emphasise the value of corporate social responsibility.

New recruits are more likely to bond with your company when they see it is active in the local community, and is generous in its charitable functions. In addition, the charitable aspect adds an ethical dimension to the operations of your company.

Allowing existing employees’ time within their schedule to attend to charitable causes will not go unappreciated and can boost loyalty in the long run.

You can make a difference

Last but not least, the indescribable feeling you get when you have contributed to a worthwhile cause, whether it is through monetary donation, volunteering or active fundraising; that feeling of self-accomplishment is not something to be undervalued.

So, what are you waiting for? Come on, make a difference!

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