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Consultant Turned Ironman

Consultant turned Ironman

On Sunday 15th October Peter Lowman, Co-Founder and Director of LoveWorkLife took on an epic challenge at the age of 71 and completed the Louisville, Kentucky Ironman!

This tremendous challenge saw Peter swim 2.4 miles, followed by a 112 mile bike ride and then a marathon 26.2 mile run – that’s a total of 226,270 metres! This however was no match for Peter as he completed the challenge in 15 hours 46 minutes 26 seconds, well within the 16.5hr cut off period.

This is an incredible achievement however Peter’s challenge has not yet ended. Peter wants to raise 10p for each metre travelled, with all donations going to both Teens Unite and Walsingham Support.

As part of his fundraising, Peter is offering his consultancy services in exchange for corporate donations, so we thought that it would be great for local businesses in Hertfordshire to get to know a little more about Peter’s inspiration for taking on the challenge and raising funds for Teens Unite. Here’s what Peter had to say:

What inspired me to take on this Challenge?
I have been competing in Triathlons for about 9 years now, mainly Sprint and Olympic distance. The Olympic distance is a quarter of the Ironman. I have had in the back of my mind for a number of years to do an Ironman. I am now 71 and thought I should do this sooner rather than later and as I wanted to make it a fund raising event.

Why did I choose Teens Unite?
The work that you do is such an inspiration. I see the commitment you give to the people you support and people in your organisation, going above and beyond to give very personal support to these people.

What difference am I hoping to make by completing this Challenge?
I hope I can inspire others to realise that we are capable of much more than we think we are and I want to make a difference to the people you support.

So now that you’ve heard about Peter’s incredible challenge, do you think you could benefit from his array of experience in:

  • Developing vision and strategy and supporting change
  • Supporting the implementation of performance improvement plans
  • Mentoring to improve performance and support leaders
  • Leadership development
  • Talent management and succession planning

For more information please visit –, or to find out more about Peter’s extensive business experience, please look on LinkedIn –

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