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Getting to know… Katie Bulmer-Cooke

Katie Bulmer Cooke

Personal trainer and businesswoman Katie Bulmer-Cooke will be talking about her experiences with exercise and Sugar… Lord Sugar that is. You may know Katie from her time as a candidate on The Apprentice, and in her keynote session, ‘What Katie Did’, she’ll be talking about her time on the programme and sharing insights learned along the way, as well as her experiences running a personal training company.

Before we meet her at Ambition 2017, we thought it would be good to talk to her about her business experiences and get to know her a bit better first.

What made you take the leap from personal trainer to business adviser?

It was a natural progression really… as my fitness business grew, I was increasingly being asked to share my experiences.

Is being fit an advantage to someone who runs their own business and why?

Absolutely. When your body is working efficiently and is at its best, you function optimally both physically and mentally. Exercise is a great stress-releaser too, and my mental focus is certainly sharper when I’m working out regularly.

What do you do to keep fit when you’re away on business and can’t visit a gym?

I always pack my running shoes as it’s a great way to explore new places when I’m travelling for work. But if I decide not to pound the pavements, I make the most of what’s inthe hotel room to set up a body weight circuit. For example, I’ll use the chair to do dips, or the end of the bedfor elevated split squats. There‘s never an excuse to not exercise!

How influential was your time on The Apprentice in terms of growing your business?

I learned so much about myself – that was my biggest take away. I really found out my strengths and weaknesses and totally surprised myself. I also discovered that those who shout loudest and spout off a load of business jargon aren’t always the best when it comes to business…

Katie Bulmer-Cooke

What was the best business advice ever given to you?

Your competitor’s opinions don’t pay your bills, so stop caring about what they think.

What’s been your proudest business moment so far?

Winning UK Personal Trainer of the Year 2012.

What’s more important for a company: profit or loyalty?

Loyalty. When you put the person first, the pound signs will follow.

If there’s only one learning point you’d like people to leave with, what would that be?

Always be yourself and run your own race.

If you could only recommend one business tool as the ‘must-have’ for any business owner, what would it be?

Social media every day of the week!

Who do you turn to for business advice?

Surround yourself with like-minded successful people with a can-do attitude.

Who do you think is the world’s #1 entrepreneur?

Mark Zuckerberg.

Do you have a personal mantra?

I have a few…

  • Always do your best
  • Always be kind
  • Always be fearless

Personally speaking…

If you had a dinner party and could invite six guests (living or dead), who would be on your table?

  • My dear Nana, Grandad and Grandma (I miss them so much)
  • Mark Zuckerberg (I’m a social media geek)
  • Then I’d book the other two spaces out in 15 minute time slots and invite all of my favourite people

What would be your top Desert Island Disc?

Spice Girls, ‘Wannabe’ (don’t judge me!).

Do you have a bucket list?

I’ve been very lucky to have experienced so many amazing things. I’m just a ‘go with the flow’ kind of person and take life as it comes.

What makes you laugh?

Anything and everything! I’m pretty good at finding humour in most situations.

What is your favourite food?

Thai and Asian-Fusion.

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