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How to make Ambition 2022 a marketing opportunity for your brand

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If you’re going to Ambition 2022, you’re obviously keen to learn more about marketing your business. On the day, you’ll get fantastic advice from world-class speakers as well as the opportunity to network with Hertfordshire businesses. We predict you’ll go back to the office buzzing with great ideas and new contacts! 

But there’s so much more you can do to raise the profile of your brand than just attend the conference. Here are our top tips on how to turn Ambition into an effective marketing opportunity for your brand.

In the run-up to the conference

Shout about it on social media! #DontForgetToHashtag

The best way of finding potential contacts is to tell everyone you’re going to be at the Ambition conference. Create posts saying how much you’re looking forward to it, and the people you’re most looking forward to meeting – tag them so they’ll receive a notification. In order to reach potential clients you don’t yet know, use the hashtag #Ambition22 or #Ambition2022. An example of a simple LinkedIn post could therefore look like this: 

We’re very much looking forward to the Ambition 2022 Conference in November. And we can’t wait to catch up with Cariad Marketing on the day. 

#Ambition22 #Hertfordshire, #Conference, #Entrepreneur, #Success, #Business, #OpportunityKnocks #Ambition2022

By posting about the conference on social media, your brand will get greater visibility – which, after all, is what marketing’s about! What will happen with the above post is that anyone searching for any of the hashtags will see it. And Cariad Marketing will get a notification that you’re interested in saying hello – that way we’ll know to look out for you on the day. 

Here are the Ambition 2022 tags you’ll need to use for each platform: 

Engage with other businesses who will also be going to Ambition 2022

Use the hashtags to find other businesses who have taken to social media to say how much they’re looking forward to Ambition 2022. Give them a like and add a comment that you’re looking forward to seeing them there. If they’re the sort of brands you think you can do business with, follow them and send them a message to introduce yourself. You can also arrange a time to meet up and introduce yourselves at Ambition 2022. This means while other people are still getting to know each other, you’ll already be networking with strong prospects. 

Prepare for the day

  • Arrange to meet people for a catch up while you’re there. Even if it’s just for five minutes, it can make all the difference. 
  • Make sure you have plenty of business cards to take with you. 
  • If you have branded workwear, make sure you’ve got something ready to wear on the day. 
  • Prepare your elevator pitch in advance – don’t make it salesy as that’s the biggest turn off at networking events. Base your introduction on ‘how I can help’ rather than ‘what can I sell?’ 
  • Write down some questions you might want to ask the speakers in the Q&As at the end of their presentation.
  • Tell everyone at work that you’re going to be at the conference so they’ll know not to interrupt your networking. 

At the conference – Things to do on the day

  • Divert your phone to a colleague so your business doesn’t miss any important calls. 
  • Make sure your phone is fully charged so you can take lots of photos and post them on social media. You don’t even have to be in the shot, although that would be nice. Make sure you use the #Ambition2022 hashtag.
  • Remember that other people will also be posting photos and commenting on the conference, so give them a ‘like’ and comment on their posts. The more you do that, the more visible you and your brand will become. 
  • Sit with people you don’t know. The natural thing to do is sit with people you already know, but remember this is a networking event. The point of the day is to make new connections, and the only way to do that is talk to people you don’t know. So sit with a stranger, it’s good for business! 
  • Take notes during the presentations as they’ll help you remember all the important points. Make a note of questions you can ask the speakers at the end of the presentation (or prepare some in advance). By asking a question, you’ll get the chance to introduce yourself and your brand to the entire audience (so wait for the microphone to be handed to you before you start speaking to make sure everyone hears you!) 

After the conference

As well as sending emails to the people you made contact with, keep the social media love going. Spend a bit of time on social media platforms interacting with other people’s posts, and also posting a message of thanks. Say it was lovely to meet everyone, and tag in as many individuals as you talked to – they’ll appreciate that you’re thinking of them. 

If you’ve got any thoughts about the conference, interesting facts from the presentations or anything else that inspired you, put them in a post. Useful learning points about business will always go down well on LinkedIn and will bring you to the attention of people who weren’t even at the conference. 

Cariad Marketing has been involved with the Ambition conferences since they began in 2016. “The events are incredible value for money, always attract amazing speakers who provide lots of useful information. What’s more, all the profits go to local charities, so absolutely everyone benefits. We’re very much looking forward to meeting you at Ambition 2022. We guarantee you’ll end the day buzzing with great marketing ideas and lots of new business contacts.” Justine Perry, Managing Director. 

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