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Ambition 2018 Sponsorship – RiskEye

Your business’s reputation is both its biggest asset and its biggest risk and protecting that hard-earned reputation online has emerged as the number one business risk to all organisations, big and small.*

Ambition 2018 is therefore delighted to welcome RiskEye to our list of sponsors and make a special offer of a free consultation to all attendees.

Riskeye watch while you work. They alert and they act to protect you and your business from harm.

  • They pursue rapid take-down of illegal, unfair, or inappropriate content
  • PR and legal experts are on-hand to mitigate any harm, funded by insurance
  • They remain procative and vigilant from initial detection through to resolution
  • They help clients achieve the very best outcome for their business and its reputation
  • Post-crisis, they advise, train, and offer ongoing support to ensure you avoid, recognise, and respond to emerging threats in the future.

Riskeye use a combination of market leading technology and an expert team of risk analysts to detect, identify, assess, and deal with any online threat to your business. These can come from aggressive customer complaints, unfair or untrue posts, abusive or defamatory comments, and employee bad practice.

They respond at once, implementing the appropriate strategy to both permanently remove the threat and mitigate any damage caused. They also provide £50,000 of insurance which can be used to cover any legal costs incurred or pay for a reputation-rebuilding PR campaign.

In December 2017, Peter Bazalgette, Chairman of ITV, said “The online world, with all its benefits, now represents a clear and present danger. We are being influenced and even governed by outside forces.”

Your businesses reputation is no longer what you tell your customers it is, it’s what they tell each other. Riskeye can tell you what’s being said about you online, whether by your own employees, your customers, or even your competitors.

A recently published paper by New York University found that a tweet is 20% more likely to be re-tweeted for every moral-emotional word (such as “hate” or “worst”) that it uses. And it’s now a eye-opening fact that 89% of your customers will have looked at you online before they make contact for the first time. Riskeye can ensure those customers don’t see anything that is unfairly tarnishing your reputation.

They are the market-leading industry specialist who provide a seamless package that preserves your brand’s credibility. Riskeye uses cutting-edge software alongside the human eye to ensure that context, irony, humour, slang, and nuance are all understood.

Once detected reputation protocols begin. These range from real-time one-to-one advice and can extend as far as the rapid removal or take-down of harmful content. Their Reputation Guard Insurance provides access to world-leading PR and legal teams.

When a business is vulnerable to, or has suffered threats and attacks, the unseen consequences can be detrimental in so many other ways aside from loss of name or brand, including:

  • Loss of revenue
  • Loss of shareholder value
  • Loss of customers to competition
  • Disproportionally negative and persistent media coverage
  • Inability to attract or retain staff or business partners
  • Loss in customer confidence

Riskeye also monitor review sites which give customers unprecedented opportunities to vent frustrations which can then spread rapidly on social media with severe financial consequences. They also allow competitors to anonymously defame a rival’s services which, if undetected, can seriously erode competiveness.

Riskeye have a large number of high-profile clients and, because they also incorporate a human element, are the only company in the world who can presently provide this service. They are partnered by Aviva and AIG Insurance.

Clients benefit from a 24/7, 365 days a year service and are informed within minutes of a risk being identified, the severity of it, recommendations on how to proceed, and a detailed plan of what steps Riskeye will be taking.

You’re only ever one post away from a crisis! To book your free consultation call David Almond on 0203 455 9050 or email

*AON Global Risk Management Survey, 2017.

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