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Why the Tamba Bereavement Support Group?

2003 was a mixed year for pop culture.

•  David Beckham still had long hair.

•  Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Dawson’s Creek ended.

•  Lindsay Lohan was still making good films (everyone loves Freaky Friday). Concorde made its last commercial flight.

•  Arnold Schwarzenegger became the Governor of California.

•  Apple launched iTunes.

It’s also the year where two friends turned their ideas into something more tangible – Rubber Cheese.

The statistics are against new businesses but, despite the odds, we’re still here 15 years later (and stronger than ever).

The company has evolved from graphic design to digital, partnering with global brands across the museum, visitor attraction and food and drink sectors.

We’re proud to have worked with some of the world’s most exciting organisations. We couldn’t have done it without the support of our team, clients, partners, friends and family.

It’s only natural we want to give something back. So, we set up the #15YearsofRubberCheese fundraiser.

What is #15yearsofRubberCheese?

From the 1st February 2018 to the 31st January 2019, we’re attempting to raise £15,000 for the Tamba Bereavement Support Group (BSG), part of The Twins & Multiple Birth Association (TAMBA).

How, I hear you ask?

Well, we’ve already completed a variety of weird and wacky tasks, collecting generous sponsorships along the way.

We’ve documented the journey across our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram pages using the #15yearsofRubberCheese hashtag.

What have we done so far?

Do you remember any of the following? We do – the team’s still aching after that dance-a-thon.

•  Fastest time to eat a can of cheddar cheese Pringles challenge

•  15 hour dance-a-thon

•  Digital Herts Meetups

•  Mob Happy talks

•  15 hour cycling challenge

•  Charity t-shirt sales

•  Our 15th birthday party and raffle


We also want to say another huge thank you to our good friends Helen and Matt.

They bravely took on the mammoth task of motorcycling through 15 countries in 15,000 minutes! Ultimately, they raised a phenomenal £1,700 towards our final target.

Thanks to the above team effort, we’ve raised a staggering £8,384.37 so far.

That’s 55% of our total target!

Why the Tamba Bereavement Support Group?

The Tamba Bereavement Support Group (BSG) exists to support all parents and carers of multiples who have experienced loss whether it was during pregnancy, at birth or at any point afterwards.

It’s a charity close to the heart of our Managing Director, Kelly, and her partner, Lee. They lost their twin girls Lily May and Ava Allison in 2017.

Here are a few words from Kelly about the support and care received from the BSG during this time:

“I found the Tamba Bereavement Support Group at my lowest point, lost in a haze of grief and pain, the week after being released from hospital and in the throes of organising our girl’s, Lily May and Ava’s, funeral.

I was added to their private Facebook group and suddenly in a safe place where everyone understood my feelings of anger, sadness, of complete and utter loss. I was relieved and overwhelmed at the same time.

A befriender match was found for me, someone who had been through the same experience as us. I was introduced to Alison, a warm and wonderful woman, who’d also lost her twin girls. Her girls were conceived via IVF – the similarities between us were uncanny.

She offered me her ears, someone to speak to when I couldn’t speak to anyone. Someone who ‘got’ my feelings, some days of pain, some of anger and jealousy.

At first, I struggled to talk, avoiding the times we’d arrange to speak. I guess I didn’t want to face up to the reality that I was this person now, a bereaved mother who couldn’t hold her babies.

Over time it got easier to talk. Alison gave me hope that although things would never be the same, they would get easier and we’d find our way back to some kind of normality. In many ways, she saved me.”

So, what’s next?

There are plenty of ways you can support this amazing campaign, one of which is to attend Ambition 2018.

This one-day sales and marketing conference is a community event, sponsored and organised by local businesses for local businesses. It takes place on the 14 November 2018 at The Spotlight conference venue in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to network with fellow professionals from Broxbourne and the surrounding areas. What’s more, there’s a packed agenda with inspiring talks from several high-quality speakers.

All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to two beneficiary charities, The Muscle Help Foundation (MHF) and the Tamba Bereavement Support Group (BSG).

We’ll also be completing walks, talks and several other zany challenges. Keep up-to-date with us on social media to find out what’s in store.

How can you help?

Support our adventures and donate today. Every contribution is hugely appreciated and helps make a difference.

Head over to our JustGiving page to donate OR text ‘BRIE78 £5’ or ‘BRIE78 £10’ to 70070 to donate.

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