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Anthony Stears

Anthony Stears

Anthony Stears is international speaker, author and highly regarded trainer. Better known as “The Telephone Assassin” and he’s on a mission to get businesses talking again and stop people from hiding behind their emails and social media. Giving people the confidence to tackle those tricky conversations.

Helping clients to get in front of more of their ideal customers and getting more business from their existing customers. As a conversational strategist Anthony talks you through the emotional journey you’ll need to take someone through before you can get them to take action as a result of speaking to you.

Working with business owners, sales departments, account managers and customer service team Anthony can give you a clear structure to follow, ways to stay motivated when making calls, instils the importance of prospect management, techniques for closing more appointments, and “the art” of a perfect follow up call. Enabling you to take control of your conversations and giving you the ability to make each call count.

Engaging customers and prospects in the right way brings huge value to both parties. Helping business to find more opportunities and converting more enquires in to sales. Anthony doesn’t teach people how to sell, but simply shows them how to help their customers to buy.

: Anthony Stears
: The Telephone Assassin

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