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Baiju Solanki

CEO & Founder of EnSpirit Global

Baiju is an award-winning businessman and TEDx speaker. He is the CEO and founder of EnSpirit Global: a platform that serves to inspire, educate and connect the entrepreneurial spirit in all of those who wish to live their best life.

As a former Businessman of The Year, and property investor, his experience extends beyond the realm of enterprise.

A trained psychologist, lecturer, speaker and author, he nudges people into achieving their power. Using his skills as a trainer, teacher and coach, he aims to transform the world through teaching entrepreneurial skills to business people, students and employees.

Baiju is also an author of #1 Amazon Best Seller Change Your Game: How to To Achieve Your Potential as an Entrepreneur and Create the Life You Desire and I’m An Entrepreneur – Get Me Out of Here’, a selection of interviews with entrepreneurs who talk about the keys to success.

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: Baiju Solanki
: Baiju Solanki
: Baiju Solanki
: Baiju Solanki
: Baiju Solanki
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