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Julie Creffield

Julie Creffield is the plus size marathon runner turned life coach behind the Too Fat to Run global fitness brand.

Despite being a “rubbish runner” she has coached more than10,000 women to achieve their dreams and uses her non bullshit approach to productivity, goal setting and authenticity to inspire audiences all over the world.

In 2010 Julie set up her blog The Fat Girls Guide to Running after coming dead last in a race, she has gone on to become one of the worlds leading experts on plus size fitness, as well as monetising her community with more than 12 profitable income streams.

Julie is all about being 100% yourself and not making apologies for the things that make you you. She helps business owners to understand that we all have things about us that we think are holding us back which could actually become our USP and attract new business.

From the stage at Ambition she is going to show you how to use your personal quirks and flaws to find your tribe and build your profile, using common sense advice, humour and provocation as she goes.

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