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Speakers 2018

Alan Stevens

Alan will provide you with insights and actionable advice that you can apply immediately to boost your reputation. He is a media coach, journalist, PR expert, and author. He is also Past President of the Global Speakers Federation.

His company, MediaCoach, provides individuals and organisations around the world with the skills to communicate more effectively through TV, radio and in print. His latest book “The Exceptional Speaker” is about how to deliver sensational speeches.

He has made over 2, 000 radio and TV appearances, both as a presenter and an expert interviewee. He has been quoted in every national UK newspaper, and many others around the world.

He was listed in the Independent newspaper as one of ‘The Top Ten Media Experts in the UK’.

Bryony Thomas

Bryony Thomas is the author of “the book on marketing that makes sense of the rest” – Watertight Marketing. This brings together her extensive experience and many perspectives on marketing. A career she loves, but fell into by accident.

As a self-funding student she took the role of telephone fundraising with ActionAid, within 3 months – aged just 19 – she was co-managing telephone fundraising campaigns for UK’s best-loved charities, alongside her ‘full time’ studies. By age 24 she was heading up the largest account at leading tech agency Mason Zimbler – running integrated campaigns across Europe for the likes of IBM and Dell. If you ask nicely, she’ll tell you about the yellow trainers. Aged just 28, and with a CIM Diploma and an award-winning MBA under her belt, she secured the role of divisional director of marketing for FTSE 100 company, Experian.

In 2008, she started her journey to what is today the Watertight Marketing Methodology. First building a six-figure marketing consultancy, where she designed and delivered the 12-month marketing transformation programmes that she has now captured in her book – Watertight Marketing.

David Thomas

David Thomas had a very abusive childhood at the hands of his alcoholic mother and physically abusive aged stepfather. At the age of 16, he got involved in crime committing multiple burglaries. He attempted suicide twice, was expelled from school and received a juvenile criminal conviction.

At the age of 20, he became an operational firefighter but struggled with the promotion exams. Aged 27, he bought a book on memory improvement. Inside 8 months, he went to the 1996 World Memory Championships and came 4th. He also became an International Grandmaster of Memory, one of only three people in the world to achieve the criteria at the time. He has since gone on to develop one of the most powerful memories in history. He became a World Memory Championships medallist, broke a Guinness memory record for reciting Pi to 22,500 digits, broke multiple US memory records, became US Memory Champion and holds a memory world record for memorising and reciting 100 individually shuffled packs of playing cards.

He left the Fire Service in 1999 to become a professional speaker and is in high demand worldwide. He speaks over 100 times a year and has spoken in 23 countries to date.

The Academy of Chief Executives have awarded him Speaker Hall of Fame. He is one of only 6 people in the world to achieve this, their highest honour.

He has appeared over 500 times in the media including The Wall Street Journal, The Times newspaper, BBC World Service and even going on one of the biggest TV shows in history, The Oprah Winfrey Show.

He is a published author, his life story being turned into a Sunday Times #1 bestselling book. Along with his other two books, he has had a worldwide readership of more than 1 million people.

Jeremy Nicholas

Jeremy Nicholas

Jeremy is an international speaker on communicating with impact. He works with companies to put humour in business presentations, and adds laughs to talks for speakers with his ‘Tickle My Keynote’ programme.

He’s an accomplished MC, awards show host and after-dinner speaker, especially when clients want someone with the humour of a comedian and the authority of a 27 year BBC news and current affairs veteran. He’s the 11th most famous BBC Jeremy, a long way behind Clarkson, Paxman and Vine.

He has two shows which have both enjoyed month long runs at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and then toured. His 2018 show is ‘After Dinner Stories From My Broadcasting Career’ which is just for fun.

And his 2019 show ‘What Are You Talking About?’ is a serious keynote about communicating in business, but delivered with loads of laughs. It premiered at the Asia Professional Speakers Convention in Singapore in May this year, and he’ll deliver it at the Global Speakers Summit in Namibia in 2020.

He’s has two masterclasses which he delivers across the world:

Talking Toolbox is how to make your business presentations engaging and entertaining.

Talking Funny is how to get laughs when speaking in public. If they’re laughing they’re listening.

In 2015 Jeremy was awarded the highest award in UK speaking, the PSAE – Professional Speaking Award of Excellence – the fifteenth person in history to receive it.

You can download a free copy of his book on public speaking at his website.

Julie Creffield

Julie Creffield is the plus size marathon runner turned life coach behind the Too Fat to Run global fitness brand.

Despite being a “rubbish runner” she has coached more than10,000 women to achieve their dreams and uses her non bullshit approach to productivity, goal setting and authenticity to inspire audiences all over the world.

In 2010 Julie set up her blog The Fat Girls Guide to Running after coming dead last in a race, she has gone on to become one of the worlds leading experts on plus size fitness, as well as monetising her community with more than 12 profitable income streams.

Julie is all about being 100% yourself and not making apologies for the things that make you you. She helps business owners to understand that we all have things about us that we think are holding us back which could actually become our USP and attract new business.

From the stage at Ambition she is going to show you how to use your personal quirks and flaws to find your tribe and build your profile, using common sense advice, humour and provocation as she goes.

Justine Perry

Justine Perry is the Founder and Managing Director of multi award winning Digital Marketing Agency, Cariad Marketing.

Based in Hertford, Cariad Marketing is a team of 17 marketing professionals who work collaboratively to deliver multi-channel campaigns.

With in-house experts in web design & development, SEO, PPC, Social Media, PR and Content Marketing – Team Cariad works as a virtual marketing department for medium-sized businesses throughout Hertfordshire and London.

A keen networker and local ambassador, Justine is a successful and enthusiastic entrepreneur with a passion for all things digital.

Out of work, Justine can be found out walking her dogs, sailing, or at the cinema with her family.

Kelly Molson

Kelly Molson is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Rubber Cheese, an award winning web design and development agency with studios in Hertfordshire and Cambridge.

Having founded the company at the age of 25, she has successfully grown the agency during the country’s worst economic downturn and celebrated 15 years in business this year.

Digital partner to national and global brands such as Pernod Ricard and Chivas Brothers, Rubber Cheese work across the food & drink, visitor attraction and museum sectors, developing websites and platforms that improve conversions, save resource and increase your sales.

Blogger at a collection of interviews with leading women agency owners, helping to raise the profile of women in the digital industry.

Kelly recently founded Mob Happy a peer-to-peer network for agency owners, helping to increase the percentage of women agency owners by supporting existing founders on their journey and inspiring up and coming leaders. Structured as a not-for-profit, we invest in running enterprise days and confidence building activities in primary and secondary schools.

When she’s not at work you’ll find her eating her way around Cambridge restaurants with wedding photographer fiancé Lee, or watching the footie at White Hart Lane. She loves a walk in the sun with their mini-dachshund Doris and growing veg in the garden allotment… but not peas. Never peas.

Saija Mahon

Saija Mahon is the founder of Mahon Digital Marketing Ltd, an international, award-winning digital media agency that helps growing global businesses to achieve their sales targets by utilising advanced technologies and strategic tactics in the ever expanding online environment.

After working for some of the biggest global media houses in the world, Saija decided to launch her own business in 2010, starting her journey as an entrepreneur from London, UK.

Mahon Digital Marketing specialises specifically in biddable media, website optimisation, search engine optimisation, content marketing, social media optimisation and PR activities, and currently employs 14 people in total.

Mahon Digital operates their main offices from London UK, Tallinn Estonia and Turku Finland, with multiple resources across US, Europe and Asia.

Saija has also founded Lonely Robot Web Design agency that solely specialises in Web design and build within the UK market.

Last but not least, Saija has founded a Scandinavian business networking concept called The Caviar Club, which after 4 years of running, operates in Finland across 5 major cities.

Saija is also a very passionate speaker, keynote, author and business mentor.

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